Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Dr. Iver Olson served as the Dean of the Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary. Before coming to the Seminary, he was a teacher at Augsburg College. He has written various other materials - one book for confirmation and one on Baptism. These are available from the AFLC Parish Education Department, 3110 E. Medicine Lake Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 56738. The Lenten booklet is available through the mail or via the internet. No charge but a contribution to the MTP ministry would be great. Order from

The Years of Our Church by Clarence Carlsen

"The Years of Our Church" by Clarence Carlson is a good source for information on the former Lutheran Free Church. The second chapter is already printed and available for a contribution of $5.00. The entire book is available to you for $15.00. These books are printed upon orders and cannot be sent on the internet. The second chapter has to do with what the AFLC calls the Fundamental Principles of the church. Order at MTP, 19594 350th Street NW, Newfolden, MN 56738.

The Four Northern Lights by G. Everett Arden

"The Four Northern Lights" tells about Paavo Henrik Ruosalainen (Finnish); Hans Nilsen Hauge (Norwegian); Nikolai F. S. Gruntvig (Danish); and Carl Olof Rosenious (Swedish). This out of print book is available through MTP. We can send this on internet. Donation suggestion is $12.00


Writings by Georg Sverdrup
"What is the Congregation?"; "The Holiness of the Congregation" $2.00 donation per booklet or $3.00 for both;
"The Free Church Fellowship" by Pastor Martin Bjornson for donation of $12.00. Pastor Bjornson served Alma Lutheran and Bethania Lutheran and also was the choir director at Oak Grove High School in Moorhead, Minnesota

Written by Pastor Dennis Gray - "A Discussion on the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations" - How the AFLC came to be, how it does business, the relationship between the AFLC Corporations, the local congregation and the place the pastors have in relation to the local congregation. Yours for a contribution to MTP of $3.00.

Thesis paper by Dr. James Hamre - long paper - $20.00 contribution. Very good.

Thesis paper written by Dean of the Free Lutheran Seminary Dr. Francis Monseth - $5.00.

Sermon by Pastor F. Monseth given at the 1969 annual conference of the AFLC

Call 218-874-2101 for more information on writings concerning the AFLC.+